Meet the team in charge


Karl Strickland

I started umpiring at 18 during an injury break from playing and loved it. I was never going to be a top player and wanted to be involved in top hockey. I am a L2 umpire and L2 umpire coach with a real focus on a relaxed style of coaching that works for each person.

Laura Seager pic.png

Laura Seager

I started umpiring at the age of 14, through school whilst playing for my county and region and continued to do both for many years playing National League indoor and out.

Having played against some current internationals my playing career was really enjoyable, however, my umpiring career has been my best achievement.  I umpired for my club, the Midlands,then national league indoor and out and achieved my level 3.

I have been very fortunate to travel to Belgium, Spain, Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana, all Umpiring a sport I absolutely love, and making many friends from across the world.

My favourite moment though, has to be umpiring the indoor super six finals at Wembley in 2015, appearing on Sky TV!  I will never forget this experience.

I now turn my efforts to Coaching and assessing, and hope to pass on the enthusiasm and passion I have for Umpiring onto others.

I am currently the Vice President for MRHUA, the Chair of the women’s selection committee and a regional umpire trainer tutor.

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Andy Barnes

I started umpiring at school as a necessity for them to run a school under 16 team. I was 16 and was essentially self taught. Indoor hockey then opened the door to higher levels and neutral panels.
I progressed quickly through County to the Midlands and then achieved  10 years as an appointed NPUA (level 3 umpire) and 15 years as an Indoor level 3 umpire.
I remain umpiring in the  Midlands and have been  coaching for many years attaining the grade of Regional umpire coach. I aim to use my experience to enhance the umpire development of those that want it and encourage as many as possible to get into umpiring (at a much earlier age than me) to realise their true potential.
My other hobbies are hockey and hockey!!

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Josh Robinson

Why did you start umpiring:
I started umpiring at 17 mainly because I was no longer improving as a player, not that I was great to start with! The very first game I umpired was at a higher level than I was playing, plus I found out that I actually really enjoyed doing it so I decided to stick with it. I was progressing rapidly so chose to focus more on umpiring and leave stick skills to summer league!

Why are you involved
I got involved with MYU because the group was really supportive of me when I started and I wanted to give something back. I used to player coach kids so have been working with young people for many years; naturally my next step was to support our young umpires.

What level have you achieved in ump and coaching
I'm level 2 both outdoors and indoors, and also had the fantastic opportunity to be on the NYUPL panel to umpire at the Junior National Finals. I've coached up and coming young umpires at the National In2Hockey Finals for the past 3 years and really enjoyed it, so am hoping to coach more!