Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to be able to find answers to regular questions umpires have and some that relate just to young umpires.
All you have to do is ask!

How do I discipline players?

For most young umpires discipline is the toughest art of the job. It's important to remember why we umpire - It's to make the game better. 

That responsibility means that we should blow the whistle and we should give cards out. When exactly to give them is a job for your coaches to help with but think about what annoys you as a player and put a stop to it.

Can I carry on playing?

Many of our best young umpires are playing and some at a very high level. It keeps you in touch and fit. 
If like some your umpiring career takes off at pace and you want to umpire more then just change how you play. Mixed hockey for example allows a great deal of freedom for the rest of a Saturday.
Also we don't have any issue with you playing for 20 more years and maybe then take up umpiring full time. 
Being an expert on the rules can be a major bonus as a player!!